Dashboard Restoration

Hi Joe, I just watched the dashboard restoration video on your channel, and it seems like the repair process you use will only work if the polycarbonate backing has retained its shape. I just bought a used dashboard and both the ABS plastic and the polycarbonate backing part seem to be warped outwards (I can send a picture tomorrow when I go to work on it if necessary). Do you have any tips for fixing this, and also do you have any tips to prevent future warping of the plastics? I live in Arizona where it regularly gets above 110 in the summer, so I would imagine that is not healthy for the dash. Thank you for all the videos, they are very helpful!

Hi Joey
I haven’t come across that problem before and technically speaking, it shouldn’t happen. I thought that polycarbonate was a thermoset plastic and as such, it should not be able to change shape once set. You should be able to experiment by heating from behind but you will need a higher temperature than you would use on the thin abs side so take care with it. Good luck and let me know how you get on.