Dash light ESP/traction control/ABS help

Must be MOT time as Blue 1993 facelift TT,4WS4WD , 6 speed has the wiggly car light on permanently when moving . Turns off with other lights on ignition but flickers and stays on when you move off.

Apparently Electronic stability /traction stability ? Is there a sensor on the way out?

I dont have access to a plug in and nor do the two local guys I use.

Can I buy/borrow or hire one or even happy to drive around to find out what actual problem is .

Or has anyone solved the problem and how did they do it?

The red auto is still stuck in garage unable to properly mesh starter and torque converter so I am seriously thinking of the merits of a buss pass.

After a desperate text to Joe he suggested cleaning wheels sensors whilst looking for plug in.

Garage boys did front N/s first and that seems to have cleared it , so will do rest with any MOT stuff next week. Thanks Joe.

Still interested in plug in fault finder if anyone has recommend or for sale.

@BlackStealth does one.

Thank you will get in touch after MOT next week