Dash assembly & steering wheel

Looking for the entire dash for a 91 3000gt sl plus the steering wheel.

Hi Mike
I can help you with those. Which country are you in. Could you put up your flag for us in the settings.

We’re from Davenport, IA in America. I will try and figure out how I can display our flag. I see the settings button but not the option to display flag.

I think that shipping to the states on such a large item would be to expensive. I’m sure you will be able to get one state side.

Do you know of any places in the states you trust?

BTW hope your feeling good and just know there’s a family in Davenport, IA praying for a speedy recovery!!! Even my wife sits with us to watch your very detailed videos. Thanks again


Sorry mate. All the junk yards I deal with are in Florida but I’m sure that someone here will help.