Crank Shaft Pulley

Hello all my name is: Gary
I have a: 1992 Non turbo GTO
I have just replaced the cam belt and water pump, all the timing marks for the cam belt line up and the engine starts and runs ok. I noticed that the timing mark on the crank pulley does not line up wit the TDC mark on the outer cover so I remarked the pulley, drove a couple of miles, checked the marks and they are miles out. I can only assume that the steel and rubber rings that make up the pulley are sliding around on each other. Is this a common problem and is the pulley likely to disintegrate when I’m driving along? Many thanks.


Hi Gary
This is a very common problem now. It is possible for the outer band to come off completely and it may do damage if you are unlucky. I would replace it as soon as possible.

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Thanks Joe that’s what I thought but its always worth checking it out.
Cheers mate.

I still have a couple left in the joes gems section for a very good price.

It’s a fairly easy thing to check once you remove what you need to get hold of the pulley just see if you can wobble it. I replaced mine just a week ago - was having fun pushing a Porsche 718 along and next set of lights I heard the tell-tale squealing of a belt. Drove home 20 mins steady and it was really easy to pull on the outer ring of the pulley which had just started to scrape the side of the power steering belt. Changed it over in a couple of relaxed hours.

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Thanks Joe. I see you have some on there at a very competitive price and that is now on my to do list but I have a a couple of niggling problems I want to try and sort out first, hopefully with the help from the forum.

Hi Madluka. I have just replaced the cam belt so have had the pulley off and there was no obvious singes of a problem but clearly something is wrong so I will put it on my to do list to replace it. Thanks for your comments and interest.