Crank pulleys v belt

Does anyone know if aftermarket crankshaft pulleys are still available for the v belt early type?

The only ones I have seen are the solid Aluminium ones. The only rubber based aftermarket ones I have seen are all the mk2 type.

Yeah, I knew that they weren’t available in the UK but I know that someone in the US used to sell one and I wasn’t sure if it is still available.

From what I can see they are no longer available in the US from the various suppliers and forums - I have been looking for some engine/ transmission bits even had some of my US colleagues on the look out for me :joy:

I think a lot of people if the want to keep stock end up switching the power steering parts to the mk2 versions and use the later crank pulley.

I would be interested to know how many people would be interested in them if I ordered some.
The factory has told me that they no longer make them because the mould is broken but they will make a new mould if the order is big enough.

I’d buy one if it became available :+1:

I think it’s the chicken and egg scenario - as I suspect if people see they can buy them they will for preventative maintenance and do this route over the power steering pump swap route. I myself only have later mk2 cars so don’t have a need for one yet - you never know I may get another :joy:

I want one if it fits my 91

Put me down for one Joe