Crank pulley Issues

I have a suggestion about the crank pulley.
A relatively common fault with these cars is the rubber section between the inner and outer part of the crank pulley becoming disbonded/seperated from each other.
This is not always easy to detect in it’s early stages, which is when you want to catch it, before it can cause any damage.

You take a light coloured paint pen(white or silver) and draw a line on the outside of the pulley from outer edge to inner, I would actually draw a pair of lines, fairly close together.
If. or when the pulley starts to break down, you will easily see the line(s) has become disjointed, as a result of slipping.
This will detect even very small amounts of movement, and is a cheap easy thing to do, that you can check with a torch.
I have no pics yet to show what I mean, but the suggestion is very simple.


I think @Joe90 was working on a solution for those crank pulley´s as they cannot be sourced any longer, and more of us seem to need to replace ours… Im sure he will bring some news around it when he has it in the pipeline :slight_smile:

Did that exact test on mine, I used tip-ex and the lines started to separate after idling for a few minutes, needless to say , I’ll be replacing it before she goes on the road.


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Production of a fresh run has already begun and I hope to have some updated news very soon.


For those that need a picture sometimes (this usually includes me)
My crank pulley is different but the idea is there.
Also looks pretty sad. Need to sort that!