Cord Identification

Celeste here, I have a base 1997 3000gt, and i was wondering if anyone knew what these cords were to? I was poking around in the trunk and noticed them just laying there.

Usually behind there is a cd changer.


Can confirm. This is wiring for the optional CD changer.

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The CD changer cable (the midi looking one)routes to the single-plug digital eq radio up front (some other models too I believe). Useful if you’re retro like Pickles and I ;).

LOL, thanks for the info guys! I’m not too retro, I’d like to get rid of the radio and put a nice big touchscreen in there. Gotta figure that out next.

Make sure you follow Joes Removing the boot (trunk) trim video and interior trim videos. Saved me a lot of headache and broken parts. Here’s a diagram that helped me! Just have to look at the diagram of the new reading deck and match them up. I didn’t need the accessory antenna plug so it’s just sitting in there or the CD changing wire. Also, I bought an adapter and it was useless… I ended up having to splice the wires anyways so don’t waste your money on the adapters. One last thing, the deck mount for the stock radio probably won’t match the new deck. I had to drill a hole on each side of the stock mount to get it to fit. But I made practice mounts out of card board and tested that before drilling the actual mounts. You don’t want to mess up on the actual mount. Make the mistakes on the cardboard which is easily replaceable and free from 12 packs and taco bell boxes… just trace the mount onto the cardboard, mark the original holes and drill out new holes where you anticipate you need to move. When you find the right height and depth, then mark that hole onto the stock mount and drill it. I tried to make a video of this process for Joe to put onto his YouTube webpage but my quality of video and oration was not anywhere as good as his. But at least I can help you out here :grin:! I got a reverse camera on mine, very useful upgrade. You should consider a deck with that. image|690x387

Oh, FYI, I bought the cheapest touch screen from amazon. For $38 it is wonderful. But it is slow… the lag from your phone to the screen is noticeably but not deterring since you’ll be driving and not looking at the screen anyways. If I had more money, I’d get a more expensive faster unit. The reverse camera works, but the picture is magnified… my Kia Optima reverse camera the set red yellow green video marks align perfectly with the parking lanes. On the cheap decks the RYG video marks are smaller than the parking lanes so you have to center the RYG marks within the parking marks. Not a deterrent but something I wanted to mention. For $38 it’s great but there are probably better decks out there.