Cooling fan turning on

Hi just got a twin turbo mk1. Been stood for 10 years. Question is when I start It and just let it tick over. How long would it take for the cooling fan to kick in. Mine starts after approximately 5 mins. What temp does the fan switch kick in. Thanks.

5 mins doesn’t sound far off where mine does but may be affected by ambient temperature etc. The fans should kick in at between 81 and 89 deg C. I would highly recommend doing a full coolant flush and replace the thermostat.

Thanks what’s your opinion on waterless cooling. Is it worth doing ??

My fan kicks on at about 10-15 minutes of run time.

Mine come on as soon as I turn key and stay on till turn key off

@Del3000 your radiator temp sensor is probably broken. I think it defaults to “on” for safety when broken or it has become disconnect etc

Given how long it’s been sitting it would be a good idea to pull ALL temp sens and clean them, but the time seems about right.

Hi, thanks for the info I will check it out

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Mine also comes on after 15’ish from starting car, and it rotates on/off with pretty short intervals when parked and engine on of course