Coolant of choice

Hi, im on the verge of doing a full service but just wondering what’s the best coolant to use.
UK based so looking for something easily available over here!

Typical green coolant is fine. Nothing special is needed.

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I used the halfords red OAT coolant concentrate in mine.

Flushed the system with a hose then with deionised water a few times before using it.

Did it a year / 2000 miles ago and hasn’t turned to slush or leaked, looks the same.


thanks for the reply’s, a trip to halfords it is then :slight_smile:

4 Life is what everyone recommends, Its what i used in mine, Rob from Evil empire sells it, but you better check with him if he has it in “Stock”, as online he says hes got it in stock, where in reality he doesnt, he buys it when you buy it off him, so youd be waiting over a week or even two weeks.

Note, if you dont flush the old stuff out completely then adding an OAT to the system with non OAT stuff in it will react and could turn to sludge. A bit like curdling. The cylinder actually holds a fair bit of coolant but the drain bolts are a bit “tricky” to get at so assume you wont be doing that. My coolant was in good condition but i changed the top and bottom hoses so had to refill and didnt know what it was in there so i used Prestone coolant which you can add to any type and it will not cause any effect.

I used the Repco Premixed coolant. It’s red and looks cool. I totally flushed out the old green stuff though as apparently it does not mix well with the green stuff