Coolant leaking on top of transmission

Hello my name is Kiweel. I’m new here and the new owner of a 1992 Dodge Stealth TT AWD. I’ve looked all over the internet and STILL cannot find the information I need to find the solution to my problem. Currently I’m dealing with a coolant leak that puddles on top of the transmission. I don’t have a bore scope camera to look and see where it could be coming from. I know that fault finding is difficult because no one knows my car but me. I would just like to get an idea of where to start looking. I changed the thermostat and cleaned the housing as best I could and applied a reasonable amount of sealant to the mating surface around it before reinstalling everything. I’ve also stuck my hand down and tried to feel the lines and area under the thermostat housing for evidence of a leak but they were all dry. Are there any other coolant lines or anything else that coolant could be coming from? It’s a constant leak and only gets worse when I turn on the car. Whenever I add coolant it leaks as well. Sorry for the long post. I wanted to be as detailed as possible but not too long winded and get straight to the point. Thank you all in advance.

Rear turbo and heater hoses both on top of gearbox

Thank you so much for helping. Do you think that you could provide a picture of what those look like/where they are located? I did some googling and saw that I can rent a bore scope camera from my local auto parts store. If you don’t have a picture, is there some kind of diagram that I can look to?

The 2 heater hoses connect to the heater core which is behind the dash. You probably have coolant leaking from those hoses. They are right there on the firewall, very easy to see.

Is it in the same place as the turbo model? I have the turbo model and it doesn’t look like it’s easy access to see anything let alone reach my hand down there. Is it possible to send a picture to know where to look exactly?

Its in the same place as the turbo model but the rear turbo is sitting above it I believe so it would be blocking your line of sight. You would probably have to get underneath it and see. Its like directly behind the upper plenum and a little down on the firewall.

I just had the car towed to the shop but when I get it back I’ll give it a look over. I ran into another issue where I’m not getting any torque at all from my car. Not only that, but it’s difficult for it to stay in gear as well and it won’t even go into reverse unless I hold it there. But that’s a post for a different troubleshooting thread. I’m going to go to the shop in the morning and get the car back. I’ll see what I can do about the leak and try to get view of those lines you were mentioning. Thanks.

These little spuds off the thermostat housing are prone to rusting through. I recently had to replace a couple, I
also updated all coolant hoses including the heater matrix ones , A lot of stripping but not difficult.

I found my leak! It’s coming from the metal tubing for the power steering. Now I gotta replace the whole steering rack. No wonder I couldn’t find the leak. It was on the bottom.

That is one hell of a job I think.

I guess the question now is: how hard is it to change the power steering lines?

That is something I dont know how to do but hopefully someone else here knows. Looks here like 3sx has some good stuff if you are interested though.

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Thanks I’ll give it a look

I’d favour the rear turbo coolant hose gone brittle and split. Few things to remove to get to it like battery throttle body intake pipe maf and the acompanying turbo rubber air tube. I have renewed mine with 8mm reniforced silcone tubing. Possibly one of the heater tubes leaking in same are to.

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There is a small joint that joins somewhere around the throttle body into a hose going into the thermostat It often rusts out. I tired to show the link but it came up with mumbo jumbo.

Part number is MD020630. I would definitely look for this as its very hard to see and could account for the leak. The part is around $10. It just looks like a little joint.

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Thanks I appreciate that very much

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Try looking at the two small hoses going to the throttle body as they are right above the trans. Also if your lower radiator hose was changed recently it may be on the wrong way and stopping the gear linkage from staying in gear. Both your issues are easy DIY fixes. Good Luck !

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Thank you all for your help. I was able to get the problem fixed. I look forward to getting more help in the future when I need it again.

You need to update us when you trouble-shoot so we know what helps. Was it any of our suggestions?