Coolant leak from hose after fastening clamp

Hello all my name is: René
I have a base STEALTH sohc 1991. We have done a lot to fix things. Thanks to Joe’s great vids!
I wanted to brighten up some very rusted clamps on the coolant hose so I loosened them up and then fastened again. Now its leaking like rain from that spot. I have tried to relocate the clamps but to no avail. It is the position where the hose attaches to the 6 sided aluminum or steel ‘bar’, about 25 mm od. Does anyone has ideas on this, much apprediated. I might need to teplace that hose but can’t think how to find the part number. I have looked through megazip and Partsouq. I just dont know the corect names for these part either.
Many thanks guys.

You might find there is some corrosion on the fitting which you might have disturbed when moving the clamp to get it of. Remove the hose and have a look and you might see either rust if it is a metal fitting or a white crusty powder type of buildup if aluminium. Either one, just clean it up along with the inside edge of the hose and use the same type of clamp as the original.

Thanks for your time, this worked. Problem solved.

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