Competition: timing and aux belts change

Hi Joe and all members of this Forum.

I’d like to enter the competition with the following.

I thought long and hard on what to request that would be benificial for all, being required doing fairly often, not quite clearly covered previously and something that would really need a specialist attention and something that you would not entrust doind to some shady local guarage and last but not the least, something that can be done by a man at home (tho maybe in this particular case the man should be a bit more experienced)

And here it is: timing belt change plus aux belt change (with changing pulleys, water pump etc)

My car in a dire need for this to be done as I have no previous history and by the looks of how the pulleys have a rusty patina - it’s not been done any time recently.

Hope to win :slight_smile:

PS unlimited supply of beers guaranteed :slight_smile:

Vadim, Basildon, Essex, UK

Mitsubishi GTO, 1991, n/a



Hi Vadim
Thank you for your entry to the competition. Your request meets the criteria so you will be added to the list. This is quite a big job and only just scrapes into the man at home type of job but I think it is possible.


This one gets my vote! I need to get this done myself and I know the parts are reasonably inexpensive but the labor can cost a thousand or more.


Hello TGett
Welcome to the forum and thank you for your thoughts. I agree with you. This is a useful thing to be able to do. You haven’t completed your profile so I don’t know which country you are in but I guess that most places are now charging a fortune for what is 3-6 hours work depending on your experience and facilities.

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Hi Joe. Sorry about not completing my profile, I missed that when I signed up for the forum. I’m Terry from the USA.

The other problem with taking my car to someone else for a timing belt is that nobody around where I live knows anything about these cars. I learned that decades ago and have been working, and learning, on my own since. It’s one of the reasons I find your videos so helpful and informative.

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I was considering my entry to be the 60k/120k service so I’m glad this is on the list.

I’ll keep thinking of an alternative but I agree that there doesn’t seem to be a good video out there showing this service being done, especially with the engine still in the car.

Add my to this drawings list Joe! I recently purchased my 1999Base model and there’s no maintenance history for the car. On the whole it’s been very well cared for but At 71,000 miles, it’s due for a water pump timing belt 60,000 mile Service. I’ve purchased the kit as well as cam and crank position sensors because those codes pop up on my car. I adjusted the serpentine belts yesterday to get rid of squeeks and was about to start disassembling things today to get the timing belt swap started, that’s how I saw this and what a way to get to meet the famous master mechanic Joe! Would love to share with you guys what my car looks like and a few things I have done so far with the help of Joes videos and other’s. First is just a general picture, second is original stock radio, third is new touch screen Bluetooth radio with reverse camera. Last is painted the brake calipers and rims before back wheel after front wheel (all have been done now. Cheers to all in our 3000GT enthusiasts community. And yes, all the beer you can drink Joe! :grin:.

The car is looking great. Nice, clean and stock as far as I can see.