Competition entry 2020 (US)

Hi Joe, Jonathan from Wyoming, US here. I have a 93 vr-4 with 160k miles on it.Thought it might be useful for a lot of us owning 4wd 3000gts to make a video on how to replace possibly the most common failure of these cars’ 4wd system, the output shaft/transfer case. I currently have a vr4 here that seems like the viscous coupling is also bad, after I saw the output shaft splines rounded off. I ordered a replacement shaft and all is ready.

Hi Jonathan
Thank you for your entry into the competition. I was just wondering if you could be a little more specific with your request. Are you asking

  1. How to rebuild the transfer case completely.
  2. How to replace the output shaft.
  3. How to deal with problems with the viscous coupling.
    I look forward to your reply.
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Sorry for the ambiguity!

I have purchased an output shaft, I would like to replace just the output shaft. Depending on how the shaft is situated in the transmission (I am unsure) it could also be that it would be an opportune time to also service the viscous coupling. I’ve heard that the end cap of the transmission may be one of the only things you need to take off to get at the output shaft.

As for the transfer case, I have all the related tools at my disposal to press the bearings out, it’s related and I have a new spool that goes into the transfer case as part of the new output shaft package. If it isn’t pertinent enough to include it in the same video, it can just be the output shaft that is done.

Hi Jonathan
If it was down to me, I would spend my life flying round the world doing all these jobs for free but unfortunately, I am not rich and I do this for fun so I have to set limits on what I can cover. One of the criteria for the competition was that it has to be a job that can be done by the man at home using domestic tools and not everyone has hydraulic presses and bearing pullers. For this reason I think we should stick to the output shaft as your video. That said, the work you are asking for is a full day’s work so if you win I will do a deal with you. If you buy me a Dennys grand slam breakfast and golden corral for evening meal, I will do the rest of the jobs you listed while I am there. :grin:


I live in the middle of nowhere, closest Dennys is a 2 hour drive, but if you can compromise, I can show you around the local eateries. The Copper Corner has an amazing breakfast and a superb dinner menu. :slightly_smiling_face: