Competition - Diamond Star Media from USA

Hello Joe,

Like yourself I am a huge fan of Mitsubishi’s best GT car. I’ve dedicated my whole garage and social media channel to the brand and spend my free time restoring and caring for these great machines.

My YouTube Channel
In my latest video, I am using the downtime to prep the garage for work-ready condition!

I would be honored if you visited the garage to check out my two 3000GTs:

  • A 1996 Mitsubishi 3000GT Spyder VR-4 (a very rare car with an even cooler backstory, currently has 24,000 miles. It is all stock but in need of due maintenance such as the timing belt, accessory belts, lifter upgrade and fluids change. The turbos spool well however the goose honking noise I get under hard acceleration sounds like a new BOV is needed.)

  • A 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 (one of 129 made in that color for the U.S. market. Currently has 405 miles…that was not a typo. I would love to chat about the story of the car with you and possible video ideas for it. Basically everything on the car is all original down to the 1990 tires. The fuel lines and tank have been replaced but I feel the car should be prepped for road-ready condition.

Even if I don’t make the cut for the competition, feel free to swing by. I am from New Jersey, USA.
Thanks for your time mate. Continue the great work for the community.



Very nice Andy Welcome :+1:

Hi Andy
That is quite a introduction and very tempting offer. Please don’t put me on such a high pedestal. I am just a regular Joe who is a big fan and has a YouTube channel. So many people have asked for belt changes which was quite surprising given the number of videos that already cover this online. I would love to see your cars and setup. I think that you would have a lot to teach me. I visit the states a lot and will certainly put you on my list of stops even if it is not connected to the competition. Thanks for joining the forum and don’t forget to post plenty of pictures of your lovely cars. I know that everyone would love to see them.

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Thank you Joe for the kind response.

Mechanically, you can teach me a great deal…I’m more of a passionate historian of these cars lol I would love to chat and hear your story of how you got into the 3KGT platform. I’d be interested to hear if you’ve ever spotted a 90s Eclipse out there in the UK.

While there are a few videos out there of the timing belt replacement (many of which show the engine pulled out of the car), I believe you and I using a bone stock model can make a better one :wink:

For anything that we may do in my garage, I will provide you with OEM parts only, Mitsubishi SSTs and technician manuals…no shoddy wiring or half finished projects here!

However, that is not without saying there are certainly more topics we can consider:
-Motor mount upgrade to polyurethane
-Fluid Changes (from oil, trans, differential & brake lines) We can call it our “Fluids Overhaul Video”
-Upgrading vacuum lines to silicone instead of cracked old rubber
-Upgrading lifters to 1999 3mm lifters
-Removing and deep cleaning interior carpet
-Restoring shift linkage and bushings (my Spyder could really use this)
-And the most near and dear to me would be a interior door card restoration…can’t stand those dang bubbles.I have OEM door replacements so no real loss if we mess up!

The list of possibilities goes on!

Thanks for taking the time to read. Looking forward to seeing the forum grow.



Devoted to GTO Andy :+1:

Hi Andy
Thought I’d post up to say we have had 4 eclipses and 1 eagle talon, there are not a huge amount over in the uk. We had 1 we did as a fast and furious replica, and currently have a 97 420a gs