Competition - AWD Carrier Bearing Replacement

I’m Bruce from Seattle, WA, USA. The next project for my 1993 Dodge Stealth R/T twin turbo, is to replace the warn carrier bearings. I get a a “clunk” often while accelerating, and have been told by my mechanic that the carrier bearing are warn out and need to be replaced. I’ve seen a few YouTube videos, but none are very good.

Thank you so much, Joe, your videos are a fantastic resource for us Stealth & 3000GT owners!



Here’s some good info:


Hi Bruce
I have seen a couple of good videos on this subject but this is your competition and if that’s what you want, I will add it to the list. If nothing else, you get the job done for free.
Thanks for entering.


Great, thanks for the link!

Thanks Joe, fingers crossed! The other videos I’ve seen don’t really give me the confidence I need to do it myself, yet.