Clutch Slipping(?)

Hi all!

Recently bought my ‘91 TT GTO!

Experiencing some over-revving if I put the foot down, 40% of the time the engine over revs, then revs down and pulls.

For example when boost kicks in around 3.5k revs, the car will quickly rev up to 5.5k revs without accelerating and then drop to around 4k and begin to accelerate albeit more slowly than you’d expect.

Sounds to me like the clutch slipping (car is on 71k miles and as far as I know it’s never been done).

Just for some added info, the car doesn’t like 2nd gear and won’t shift down to it unless I’m going below 20mph, 3rd gear slightly grinds too but this is intermittent.

Any input is greatly appreciated, cheers!

It does sound like clutch slip but I think that the transmission may also be having problems.

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Clutch I would think. As for gearbox, check oil level and see whats what but it may need a partial rebuild.

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Try put redline mt85 The gearbox it should help if not gone too far ,you can add some xado gear additive to it myself and many others found that improves gear shifts.

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