Clutch pedal on the floor

Other than the clutch itself being needing to be replaced is there anything else that might cause the clutch pedal to be pretty much on the floor I’ve already bled the system three or 4 times.

The car has been sat for 15 years so I’ve been slowly restoring everything and I finally got through an MOT with it just just wondered why there is a bit of play in the clutch pedal and it doesn’t disengage the clutch until you are pretty much on the floor however it does bite very well

My car is a 1992 Japanese import so it is a GTO

This is most likely to be the servo unit.

These are readily available aftermarket and quite cheap.
Make sure you get the right one as there is a number of different types depending on the year and model of your car.

Thanks Joe! Is there any particular brands you recommend / avoid?

I have never come across a bad one myself.

Thank you, I’ll check this out!