Clutch engagement changed

Hello all my name is: Walter
I have a: 1991 VR4
It has the following issue: the point where i press the clutch pedal down and the clutch engages and disengages moved from 2/3 pedal press to near top of pedal. The clutch was replaced with a 6 puck performance clutch nearly 30,000 miles ago. I’m hoping I don’t need to replace it again already. Is this something that can be adjusted through pedal adjustments? I do tend to slow the car down by down shifting (usually shifting down at speeds where the lower gear is brings the rpm up from 3000 rpm to 5500 rpm. The hydraulic pressure test the service manuel says to do cabe back ok.

Sounds like a worn clutch. Your driving style may be the cause. Within a short time your clutch may start slipping imho. Checking the service manuals on this forum it says the clutch should engage/disengage when the pedal is approx 2.2 inches from the bulkhead (55mm). A longshot is that the pushrod has worked loose and screwed itself out some distance. It would probably only need to unsrew itself 2 or 3 turns to have an effect on your clutch bite point. The pushrod should be approx 122mm long . The diagram and measurements can be found in the manuals. I’ll try and post some pics.

This link will download the service manual to cover your car… check out the clutch section. I’ts a large file.


Thanks, i had a feeling I’d need to replace the clutch.

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Clutch wear should not have any effect on pedal engagement height. The clutch master clutch cylinder automatically adjusts for wear in the clutch. For the master to do this, the clutch pedal needs to be correctly adjusted. Google “3000gt clutch adjustment”. Jacks transmission has a very grainy video, but with a good explanation: Helpful Videos - Jacks Transmissions

I have full movement in the pedal. Usually around 2/3 the way down is where is normally be shifting gears, that several days has been near the top with less than an inch of pressing the pedal.

Yes, pay attention to the video at about the 3minute mark. He explains why that can happen.

It’s the video in the list labeled:
Proper Clutch Adjustment - Jacks Transmissions

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Very helpful, thanks, i will make the adjustment and let you know the results.

There was no adjustment on the vr4 that i could locate. However, i did decide to go ahead and replace the clutch. Turns out the clutch was in fact worn as vtecgrin had suggested.

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