Climate display filters

How many of you have the old climate displays that give a very dull screen? In later versions of the display, Mitsubishi went to a more violet lens which gave a brighter and lighter view which was more pleasing to the eye. I have a small number of the newer lenses to fit the older display units and I am only selling them on this forum. They are £10 each plus shipping and packing which costs £3 to mainland UK and £5 to anywhere else in the world. Please send me a private message if you are interested.


HI Joe
I am on my 3rd climate control unit and it has packed up, works ok but no display can you help?

yes he sure can, recently did mine, works great! i think he has a link on ebay:

Hi All
If you are a member of this forum, please would you contact me directly for any repairs or parts that I have. Do not go through ebay as it will cost you more due to ebay and PayPal fees.
Just click on my profile name and it will allow you to send a private message.


Hi joe, I am William from Singapore. I would like to check with you on the filter of the climate control.

Is mine already on the newer version of filter?

Hi William
It looks like you already have the newer style.

Oh ok. Thank you for your verification.

Hey joe how are you are ethers still available??

Do you mean filters?
Yes they are. I have 4 left.

Excellent I should have my car back in a week or two I think it’s time I take a drive up and see all the goodies I may be able to retrieve it’s been away for a couple of months I’ll what’s app you once it’s back and i’m ready to come up to see when your free my display needs repairing too