Climate Control Module Repair

Hello all my name is: YellowDog
I have a: '91 Stealth TT
It has the following issue:
Climate control display not working. Capacitors, Diodes and IC3 are looking bad. Has anyone replaced these parts successfully themselves? Any issues I need to look out for?

Here is a good source of info: Electrical: Replace ECU, ECS and Climate Control Capacitors - 3000GT/Stealth Wiki

You’ll read about the caps and a particular diode that usually causes trouble.

I’ll note that I replaced these on one of my two, and it was unsuccessful. I then used a service advertised on eBay and they both came back perfect.

yes i had same issue , there is good info on google , not to bad a job

Hi, the display panel on my mitsubishi GTO3000 1994 climate control assembly is not working. Parts of the circuit board is burnt.
Could you share the repairer’s site with me.

I used this service through their eBay listing.

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Hi have you found a repairer yet.
The climate control display in my GTO 3000 1994 was in worst condition…badly burnt.

Joe in UK repaired & restored it at a very very reasonable cost. He said he’s never seen anything worst than my unit, yet he restored it.


Yes. I used a repairer advertised on eBay. $100 and it was fixed in a few days

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Climate display looks as good as new!