Climate control button?

Does anyone know what this button does? It used to light up green like 10 years ago but hasnt lit up since then. I never bother pushing it in and the ac and heat would still work just fine.

It is the AC button.

But what does that mean lol. My ac works whether I press it or not.

If your AC actually works it means the bulb behind the button is burnt out.

Yeah the bulb burnt out a long time ago. But I do remember when you press the button the light would turn green. However the ac would work whether or not the button was pressed in. So I cant help but wonder whats the purpose of that button.

The AC only works when it’s pressed. If the bulb is replaced the AC only works when it’s green. Only “exception” is if you have the selector on defrost the AC pump will run.

Im saying my ac works whether I press the button or not. Thats why im confused as to what purpose that button actually serves. The only thing I can find online about it is, when you press it then the ac is fully on versus when you dont press it then the ac is half on. Which is just confusing to me.

Maybe the button is broken and stuck in the on position ?

I have a '93 3000GT DOHC NA Standard model with manual transmission. That AC button has three positions on mine and my AC doesn’t cool unless it is in position one or position two (pushed in all the way). The LED used to be amber in position one and green in position two. The manual says that the position one, amber LED, was economy mode and that the green setting is for when it is real hot outside. I usually just use position one and it cools just fine. Every now and then my LED does come back on.


oh ok thats what I was seeing online. The economy mode thing. My bulb burnt out and cant find a new one anywhere.