Clear polycarbonate cam covers and lower cover

Greetings to ALL and as the story goes: I had always been curious to know what would it be like to have a clear lower timing belt cover, considering there are upper cam gears made in clear polycarbonate and sold by 3SX USA that is the only company that offers such an item and sold them for years. Unfortunately very bad quality and very poor fitment which actually involves a few modification to get them in and so I have heard. Clear cam covers is really a nice feature to add to your expensive build and showing of those really nice aftermarket billet cam gears, however, this is not admired by most people having just a standard build using factory parts and then again there are complaints about dust buildup within these clear covers that look really nasty since you can actually see it, so there are quit a few complaints. Then I came up with an idea to have these cam covers made with high quality clear polycarbonate that is much stronger then your average ABS plastic of which the factory covers are made of. So I had the cam covers replicated to the factory covers and they cam out perfect.I have also replicated the lower timing cover ( first of its kind ) and now you can actually see the entire timing belt in action, tensioner, pulleys, water pump and whatever you coudnt see before using the factory cover. I am going to make a video sometime today and you shall see what it looks like installed.


From what Ive read the get brittle and beak easily due to the heat after a short time. Bad things happen when things break and get down into the timing belt.

Anything gets brittle and breaks due to excessive heat in the engine bay, excessive heat which translates to above normal heat due to a very dirty engine that has been neglected for years.

Sure but from what Ive read these dont take years for them to get brittle. Im not trying to stop you, let us know how it works out. I wanted some a few years ago also, they look cool.

These are not the same as the ones that are offered by 3SX,com which I do believe was or is the only business that offers it for our cars, made of very low grade poly-carbonate that easily crack or becomes yellowish in a very short time due to heat under the hood and yes can become brittle and break. Obviously those who are unaware of what polycarbonate is mentioned below) and the grade types, one does assume that if it looks clear it is your simple plastic.
Polycarbonate is a high-performance tough, amorphous and transparent thermoplastic polymer with organic functional groups linked together by carbonate groups (–O–(C=O)–O–) and offers a unique combination of properties.
You can always google polycarbonate vs ABS plastic of which the factory covers are made of if you are unaware of that, but thanks for your opinions.

Sorry If I misunderstood. I though you were asking for advise on purchasing the ones 3SX sold at first. ADD makes me skip ahead and not always finish reading. lol

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No worries, I understand, this is something new that I have gotten made and the fitment is phenomenal on my build since they were exactly replicated to the stock covers and obviously of better grade polycarbonate.

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Can others also purchase them from where you had yours built? And are they very expensive?

Hi Nat, all orders shall be my responsibility. These were made exclusively for my build project by a buddy of mine that lives in Wenzhou China and owns his own automotive engine parts fab company. It took a year to get these done and they turned out amazing with precision fitment exactly replicated to the factory covers with machine grade clear poly-carbonate. The asking price for the set meaning two cam covers and the timing cover and sold only as a set is $700 plus shipping by Fedex to UK. The cost is high because of the intricate design of the timing cover.

They look great, would love a set of these, what lead delivery time on these from time of order
many thanks

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Hi Joe, I just posted a new video explaining quality, fitment, price and shipping times
SAM from Lake Tahoe NV USA


That is sooo awesome… good job :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thanks much appreciated!!

Hi Joe, if you are interested, just look up 3000GT clear engine covers on Ebay and there should be a posting.