Classic Car Grave Yard

Hey guys, I know this is off topic of our cars, but was wondering if anyone had seen this you tube video of 3 guys who found an unused airport in the UK full of old cars, I was trying to see to if I could spot any Mitsubishi’s but couldn’t see any from the drone or from the ground footage.
Apparently they’re from some old scrappage deal the Government did years ago. But now the cars are Classic and Vintage. The really sad thing is that they are going to the metal recycling.
I’ll bet the VW clubs would love to get a hold of those Beetles.

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Sacrilege ! absolute shame …and I’m not even a fan of any of those cars …well maybe the 944’s :grinning:

Oh those Zeds! And what looks like a Mk 3 Celica! I just want to cry.