Central door lock relays

Hello all my name is: Pete
1993 3000gt Sl )

Anyone know if the two door lock relays are the same part number. One under the dash and one behind driver. My driver door will lock both doors but will not unlock using the door switch. The pax door switch works to lock and unlock the pax door. The harness in the drivers door is in good shape, the drivers door switch works (checked with multimeter).
I’m thinking one of the relays might be bad.

The fault is most likely the door switch. They have have very interesting flip flop circuit where signals are bounced between the two. It is possible for the switch on one door to work that door but not the other door or the other door switch may not work because it hasn’t received the voltage feedback line correctly. It is better to service both switches at the same time regardless of which switch you think is faulty or which door lock is not working.

Thanks Joe, I borrowed two known good switches from a friend doing his 3000 restore and the same problem. I’m wondering if a relay is a problem. I inspected the wiring harness where the door meets the body, all connections seem solid. Checked my switches against the known good ones for continuity. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

There are a few relay´s up under the drivers side steering wheel… Dont know if one sits there, but it might be worth a look