Central door lock not working right

Hello all my name is Ryan
I have a 1994 3000GT VR4
It has the following issue: We had the motor out to get rebuilt for the past year and I dont remember if it did this before, but when the battery is first connected, the central door lock system locks all the doors. The key fob no longer unlocks the doors, but I can hear a click from the door lock reciever box behind the rear quarter interior panel if the fob is activated and also if the interior switches are activated. The drivers and passenger side door lock buttons also do nothing when pressed, other than the sound from the receiver box. Has anybody had this happen before? Any ideas where to look? Doea the power door locks go through the ECU, because I didnswap out the capacitors and hope that something didnt get messed up there. Any tips would be great. Thanks in advance!

So, we disconnected the switches from the door, and it still locks when the battery is connected. We tried using the keys to lock and unlock the door with the battery disconnected and they operate smoothly, but when the battery is connected, you can feel that you are fighting against the solenoid to unlock the door. It’s also draining the battery overnight, so i am guessing that it is forcing the solenoids to lock and is holding it there, in turn draining all the power from the battery. Any ideas what would cause the locks to be on constantly? They worked just fine before we pulled the motor and trans to rebuild them.