Center Console Repair

I decided to try some of Joe’s dashboard repair techniques on my center console, because it’s the same covering material.

Dashboard repair video for reference: Mitsubishi 3000gt / GTO Dashboard Repair & Refurbishment Part 3 - YouTube

My center console had areas where the covering material had separated from the main structure and pulled away from mounting holes for various components:

I was able to do the repairs in the car by stripping down the center console a bit:

I basically removed the arm rest storage compartment, removed the side carpets, and removed the rear support bracket for the center console. This gave me plenty of room to access electrical connectors and remove the cigarette lighter and power seat switch. I also popped the shifter boot out and flipped the parking brake lever boot inside out to move them away from the area. The ash tray just pulls out.

Here’s my results from using some techniques from the dashboard repair video:

Despite a few mistakes that are visible if you look closely, I’m very happy with the results! My entire center console area is looking very nice now:

Lessons learned from trying Joe’s repair techniques (i.e., don’t make the same mistakes I did):

  • Re-apply baby oil between rounds of heating/manipulation! It slowly evaporates while applying heat. I forgot to pay attention to this at one point and lost my warning system. I over-heated a small spot and it became slightly glossy compared to the rest of the surface.
  • Try to avoid using fingers/thumbs when applying heavy pressure while manipulating/stretching or holding down while it cools and glue dries. I accidentally created a few shallow depressions in the surface the size of my finger tips that I wasn’t able to fully remove with subsequent heating/rubbing. use something that spreads the pressure out more evenly like the edge of your palm or something like a strip of cardboard.

BTW: If your power seat switch has faded/missing symbols and you can’t find any used replacements that look good enough, you can still order brand new replacements through a Mitsubishi or Dodge dealer.My local dealer had to order it from Japan and it took a couple months to arrive.

Part number: MB695060


Another center console restoration tip: restore your ugly faded ash tray with SEM Landau Black spray paint (part number 15013):

I haven’t seen a pristine original ash tray to compare and confirm that it’s an exact match, but this particular color was recommended to me by someone claiming it was a match for the OEM color.


Or you could foilwrap faded ash tray like this :slight_smile:


Nice work! Some good advice also. :+1:

A Mr. Clean Magic eraser will do wonders on the ashtray. And any plastic trim for that matter. It’s amazing how much grime came off of mine.

Very nice! Well done and thanks for sharing!