Category Rules for Listing

Here’s the place to sell all those unwanted parts and make some cash. someone out there is looking for what you have and everyone here is interested in the 3000gt/GTO cars and parts. Don’t forget to read the category rules before listing.

Category Rules:

  • No off-topic items, keep it strictly related to the Mitsubishi GTO, 3000gt and Dodge Stealth.

  • Listings will be removed after 30 days to prevent cluttering so please relist if you do not manage to sell/trade.

  • All transactions are strictly between the buyer and seller, the site and site owners will not be involved in any disputes or held responsible for anything that is listed.

  • Any issues with a transaction should try to be resolved peacefully between the parties and not publicly.

  • All items listed MUST already be in your possession and be the legal owner of said item.

  • Any item listed must be fairly and accurately discribed and any images MUST be of the actual item that you are selling and not a similar item.