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Hello everybody and thanks for letting me join.
I’m new to the scene and hopefully going to be getting my first GTO soon.
I’ve looked through the site but don’t see any vehicles for sale! Am I missing something?

I’ve trolled ebay and Facebook but they all seem to miles away from me up in Manchester.

Anyway, glad to be here and will gladly accept any advice.


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Hi Geoff
I will ask Mitch to add this category but i’m afraid that these cars are getting very hard to get hold of now even in average condition so please don’t expect to see a huge list.
There are a couple on ebay but beware of what you buy. There are a lot if pit falls and dodgy cars that have been made to look nice when they aren’t much more than scrap. It is worth passing on a dozen bad cars to get one good one.
I would be happy for you to come and look at some of my cars so you can get an idea of what to look for.


I can just give you advice from how I got mine, but I searched several years to end up with excactly the one I wanted…
I had to import it from Tokyo as I wanted a car that was as close to stock as possible and would be a max 2 owner car prior to me.
I managed to find it as said in Tokyo and it was bone stock and was a 1 owner car, so I would advice you to take that route.
There are several importers in the UK that purchase straight from the japanese auctions, but I would advice you to stay well clear from those guys as their prices are completely bonkers…
I contacted instead a japanese export agent and we went through many cars until the right one and he then purchased it and organised shipping to europe.

But I cannot emphasize enough that you must do all the research you can, and have a healthy list of criteria you want the car to have…
These cars can be proper money pits if they have been mishandled/driven hard and had lots of modifications…
Go stock and the car will serve you well… Mine is from early 1991 which makes it just over 30 years old, and everything functions on it and I try to use it as often as possible, so that just shows that these cars can last :slight_smile:


Gentlemen. Thank you for the advice. Please don’t add an extra category on my behalf. I was asking if there was one as I couldn’t see any for sale that’d all.

The advice you have given me will stand me in good stead I’m sure. Again, thanks for this.

I’ve never done as much reading & research.

Hope to be showing one off soon,

All the best.


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Hey everyone, By request of Joe I have now added a new area for the sale, trade or P/x of these cars.


Mine might be coming up for sale, there are pics of it somewhere here. Engine bay is on a engine bay post. Its a 1990 GTO TT had its around 16/17 years spent a fortune on it. Its in Grace silver leather interior nice alloys some mods but all quality parts and a load of spare to come with it. I will be looking for around £8500.


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