Carpet head liner

So I have a good carpet for sale…never been wet and would clean up really well…just a couple of rust spots where the seats were…and a headliner from 93 gto …would need a light clean but solid …not sure on price .carpet could be sent out but head liner would be pick up…can send pics if interested .cheers rik

Do you have a picture of the headliner? I need a new headliner but my car has a aftermarket sunroof so ill just assume yours wont work for mine.

I can grab a pic tomorrow night . But it’s a non sun roof car it was from.but maybe it could be cut if you used old one as a template? Rik

im in uk …so i suspect you wont be wanting it?

shoot I didnt even notice, yeah I assume shipping would be a lot. Its ok I think I can still use the foam backing or whatever its called and Just buy a new cloth. Its starting to get cold here now so ill probably do that next summer anyways.