Capacitors in the 3000GT - a little venting

Love my 3000gt - but what is it with all the capacitor problems? The bright fellows over in Japan can make a fun and exciting car to drive, but they brain bubbled when it came to putting in quality caps? Was that just the technology back in the 90’s - everything had to have a crappy capacitor? Just venting - have gone thru damaged ECUs, ESCs, Tachometer, etc. because of capacitors and just getting tired of the same old issue. Oh well, guess it’s like finding the girl of my dreams only to discover when we have dinner with my parents she eats with just her fingers and farts & belches at the table. Not a deal breaker - just going take a little time to get her straightened out. Fun and Safe driving everyone…Roy

Hi Roy
Thanks to the Japanese, our cars have made it to thirty years old. How many other 30 year old cars do you see on the road with this amount of advanced technology.
They used Nichicon capacitors which are one of the industry leaders in capacitor technology. The electronics in our cars are exposed to very demanding conditions of heat, cold and moisture so to survive this long is amazing. Please Google the lifespan of a capacitor. It is 10-20 years and that is being generous. Tv’s, computers etc last 5 years but we don’t complain about them breaking down and yet they are in a much less demanding environment.
Change the capacitors with the same brand and look forward to the next 30 years of happy motoring.


I have a guy who has the tech to repair speedo/cluster caps for these cars…

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I wouldn’t know how to begin. It could be great for the dishonest mechanic wanting to gauge the ignorant car owner. It’s good to know these bits to be armed with knowledge