Can you identify what this is / was

As per the title.

Just for fun, no prizes.

Can you tell what this is?
Found in the sump during rebuilding my engine.
Clues can be found some of my posts.

The socket is just for scale not part of what was found :grin:

Is it a service book ? :grinning: seriously though looks like a bit of casting from the plenum ?

Or maybe from the side of the cradle

It is the remains of the stainless steel washer that went into number 6.

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I would agree with vtecgrin in that it is likely a piece of overflow from the casting of the various engine parts. Which part would depend on the metal type though. Since you mention it was found in the sump and the block is iron then maybe a piece of aluminium from the heads?

It is the remains of the washer that got into number 6 piston.

Ohhh, Oops. Hope all came out alright in the end.