Cam belt and water pump fitting video

Which is best video instruction to give to my local guys rather than drive up to Westfields in Rayleigh . They are pretty good but a quality video before I do both mine would give me and them confidence.

I will be doing a video in a couple of months but there are a couple already online with good and bad reports. I would recommend using a garage with experience with these cars because I have seen and heard some real horror stories.

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OK will look on line. My local guys are “old School” and quite happy with the performance toyotas nissans and supra age stuff and I would look to recommend them for West Country owners if they do ok with my two. Plus by the time I’ve driven up to Rayleigh twice and stayed or trained it back up, it will be like the labour on a third car in cost.
Will ring you on 1st as still have your banking.

So that’s happened everywhere around the globe, many atrocities those poor cars suffered in the past…

Video is excellent even I could do it if I had a home garage.

You don’t need a home garage, I did mine in the street! :rofl: Just take your time, bag and tag. Took me around 9 hours ish.

20 years ago definitely agree ,actually took engines out of supra and MR2 and refitted. However 73 and bit more solvent I just do lightweight stuff like door rubbers ,active aero and general stuff before taking to garage boys for engine/gearing/suspension , most of which is covered by Joe’s videos.