Hi all previously had the calipers done in purple didnt like the color so I went with all white to match everything else on the GTO. Calipers coated white with ceramics by Cerakote and a complete rebuild kit from BIGG RED. Not going to polish the embossed letters like most people do but waiting for some decals to put on and then a clear coat of ceramics shall be applied on the decals so they don’t wear off or come off, in addition unfortunately I lost one of the bolts that hold the caliper housing together I just could not find the oem bolt so I went with ARP bolts as seen in the pic, just a wee bit short but will do the job. Shall post more pics when complete.


Let us know how you get on with the BiggRed caliper rebuild kit, specifically the dust seals and the smaller piston spring rings - my experience was awful as they just didn’t want to stay on, and even when they were on because the seal lacks the lip that the oe seals have it was very easy for the ring to just pop off.

Sure will let you guys know after I assemble

Good to see! I am restoring mine at the moment. Following.


What is that enamel as in high heat rattle can paint? or powder coat? definitely not anodized!! :grin:

I haven’t invested in powder coating or ceramics yet. For now, just rattle can and Rustoleum finish.

I am always up against it as I live in the ‘Wettest’ part of the UK for rainfall and have no garage (yet).

Curious to see how your kit functions when installed.

I have done a few calipers with just regular high heat rattle can paint, however the paint eventually will chip off or become discolored even if powder coated in time and quicker in wet and cold climates and specially when it is subjected to the salt and de-icer that they use on the roads during heavy snow. I am sure you guys dont get a lot of snow but much humidity with all that rain. So that is why I have gone with ceramics which means taking the entire component apart, cleaning and blasting with abrasives not an easy job but rest assured the coating which is chemical resistant will not discolor or chip away for a thousand years and on top of that easy to blast off again for a different color, its very hard to take powder coat off. I would be happy to get this done for you at no charge just pay for shipping to and from. And you can pick whatever ceramic color you want by visiting the Cerakote website. And then you can advertise my work :wink: :wink: :wink:

As for the kit and the comment I got about the dust sleeves coming off, after they are assembled I am going to test them out on the work bench.

Yes, I imagine my engine rockers will also get some flaking due to the heating and cooling of the engine. It is all a learning curve I suppose. I agree ceramic coating is the way forwards for future-proofing.

I am mainly just playing around whilst waiting for a new hydraulic tensioner to arrive from across the pond.

I would be happy to get this done for you at no charge just pay for shipping to and from. And you can pick whatever ceramic color you want by visiting the Cerakote website. And then you can advertise my work - Very kind of you. I may well do that in time.

Hi Joe here are a few pics to share: I do vapor honing and ceramic coating at home as a DIY and not a business. A few here and there requests from friends but exclusively for my GTO build and restoration project going on 4 years to date. And no indoor garage as seen in the pics, very small area to work with. My roommate has taken over the indoor garage for her home business and its her house not mine so she is the boss lady :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: also as you can see the GTO is parked up on our very steep grade driveway and the front of the vehicle is lifted pretty high, so once the entire front is done it will be lowered down on its rubber and then jack up the rear for work. So with all these obstacles not to mention the brutal harsh winter to deal with at 6300 ft above sea level and sometimes 4 feet of snow fall in one day, that is not going to stop an old man like myself to achieve my goals. :joy: :joy: :joy:
I have gone with a solid tensioner set up, dont want another mishap with these aftermarket crap hydraulic tensioners. And as for the engine all that white and other stuff under that is ALL ceramic coated, the entire front suspension has also been coated will post more pics down the road. That is my blast cabinet I have made that is a wet blast system for vapor honing with fine mesh glass beads and then changing out the abrasive media to aluminum oxide for the ceramic coating process. A small size compressor does the job, wanted a big compressor but boss lady said NO!! :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:



I just noticed that the BIGGRED boot clamps are thick in comparison to the ones I had on, they don’t stay firm holding the boot to the housing and a slight jiggle and they slip off, and if you look closely there is not much room at the housing where the clamps get on, however the rest of the stuff seems fine, so I just reused the old clamps that are much thinner and apparently have a stronger clamping force. I don’t remember where I bought the old kit years ago perhaps eBay. I reused my old ones that are thinner and have a bit more clamping force. May be that is the trouble you are having
Speaking of which I wish there was a groove on the housing itself so the clamps can really dig in and wont go anywhere. Mitsubishi forgot about that, I am going to send them an email to upgrade the caliper design.


the seals are ok but id try and use the original rings ,thats what i did doing mine the new ones wernt a very good fit kept popping off , big red stuff is pretty good aswell

1300mm of white stuff in 24 hrs, the GTO bat cave survived, this is what I have to deal with every winter, cant even

see my van parked out on the street :rofl:


really wish I had a garage or a bat cave to work on my car lol.

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I can’t even see the street :grinning:

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“How’s” the project now? :smiley:

Coming along thanks for asking :grin: