Bypassing the oil cooler on a TT

Hi,Having a major problem locating an Oil Filter Housing for a TT. To get the car on the road until some thing can be worked out, is it possible to remove oil cooler lines tempoarily and plug Holes on the filter housing to bypass the cooler. The car is a daily drive and off the road. Alternatively fit a non turbo housing while the original is removed for repair. Thanks in advance for any advice.

What year is your TT? and what happened to your original oil filter housing? any pictures?

Hi, Thanks for the reply. TT is 1993 1st Gen. Oil cooler return line connector cross threaded on installation after cooler line change and also caused a small crack in the housing at that point. No pictures at the moment as car is back on ground. A local experienced engineering shop thinks they can alloy weld the crack and hopefully redo the banjo connector thread. Hence the idea of running it in the short term with the two connector holes blanked while I get a non turbo housing to replace it temporarily, whilst the original housing goes away for repair. If I understand it correctly normal driving should not affect temperature to much.

Hi if its just the oil filter housing that is needed because of the cracked housing perhaps due to over tightening the banjo fittings, then there are a few currently on ebay, however if they can repair the crack that should be fine as long as there are no leaks down the road, however, considering how hot these engines get at even normal driving I wouldn’t recommended using it without some sort of oil cooling, and then on top of that it is a TT, so the turbos do heat up the oil pretty fast. There is another option you can consider, you can use an after market oil cooler with AN lines and fittings. To do that you will need a sandwich plate that shall be installed on the oil filter housing then run the AN lines from it to the front mount oil cooler that you will get and block off everything else so there are no leaks. One should also take into account that there is a significant amount of oil pressure passing into the oil cooler so could very easily leak from wherever and if that happens you shall be driving on a dangerous path with oil leaks. If you see the threads on ( Rear sub frame strip down ) you shall see the pics I have uploaded on my twin oil cooler set up, meaning that I have kept the stock side mount oil cooler and also set up an aftermarket front mount using a sandwich plate.
Hope that helps

Hi Sam, Thanks for the reply.With regard to ebay I have searched all over and not come up with any. Could you send me a couple of links to the ones you have found and I will contact them. I had considered replacing it with the after market versions but in the current economic conditions I would rather leave that as the final option. Derek

i have one if you need it …can send pic this after noon

Hi Derek, looks like a member has one which is good news, however, there is a listing on Ebay # 134338990062 this is the entire assembly consisting of the oil pump for years 93 and up and I understand you have a 93TT. The seller ( Brent69 ) is good and I have bought several items from him in the past. And he is only asking $99 which is a steal but not sure how much shipping would be for UK, if he refuses to ship international just let me know and I can buy it for you and then ship it to you.

Hi rik, Thanks fgor the offer. A photo would be a[[reciated tahks. Derek

Hi Sam, Thanks for that. I will see rik first, as you can see he is Uk based. Your input and advice is very much appreciated and if I have to, I will come back to you. Regards Derek

Is tis what you want?

Thats thre part. Let me know how much and deluvert cost. I live in W Sussex if that is helpful. Regards Derek

£25 including postage if you want it
Just need address and mobile number …and how you want to pay…bank transfer is good

Hello Derek, I am glad you found one, GTO OE parts such as these are very hard to find. Just for your information; make sure you use copper crush washers on the banjo fittings instead of the steel factory ones and that the housing threads are completely clean. When using copper crush washers of the exact inner and outer diameter as the steel washers, a reasonable amount of torque is required on the fittings, with the steel washers using too much torque can very easily crack the aluminum housing. Copper crush washers are the best to use in pressurized systems.

Hi, PM sent Thanks a lot. Derek

Hi Rik, Housing arrived thanks a lot.

Hi Sam, Thanks for your input and advice. Yes copper crush washers are way better then the newer metal and rubber type.

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