Burnt fuse stops gto

This fuse has bloody kept the beast of road for two months now I’m back I hope only been an hour or two yesterday

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Hi Richard
Welcome to the forum and for sharing the information. Could you let us know which fuse placement it is from. I am assuming that it is the one in the foot well that provides power to the ignition system.

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Hey I have realised I was a little vague let me get some more images on the location and I’ll come back to you cheers

I carry two fuses now after RAC man found problem . Used to happen when son borrowed it and left door open with engine running whilst taking his son indoors, when he came back out car had stopped and would not start. Was just that fuse.

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Not sure if I posted these already but here’s the troublesome little devil

Right under this sorry about multi post too large a file I think

Under the main fuse board other pics not loading

So if I leave the door open with engine running the ghost fuse will burn and stop the engine running ??? Not sure what You mean :grinning:

No it drives fine but has gone before and has gone a second time not sure of its exact use I don have a Clifford alarm which adds a hell of a lot of cable and unknown who installed it