Bumpy, bouncy ride

Hello all my name is: Mike, Recently my 3000gt 94 base started feeling kind of bouncey as if my struts are bad but I just replaced them. I was told my tires might have popped a belt so I just shelled for a new set. Still the same issue. The only thing I an figure is when they had her up checking on the power steering something must have done something. Also I change clutch but right after the change all was good. I now have her back getting looked over, at faster speeds the ride is better it is at the lower speed where now my ride makes me sad.

What shocks and springs are you using, do you hear any unpleasant noises ? where do you think the problem is, front, rear or both ?

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It Is in a the front. I did have a mechanic say my rack and pinion might need changing.

Check anti roll bar bushes and drop links too !

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Thanks. Are bushes expensive?

Not at all about $20

No noises just too bumpy and a bit of bounce but mostly on slow speeds. I was told by multiple mechanics it was the tires. Although the set I owned seemed in great shape I put out the $ for a new set Goodyear contours, but the issue is still there. I have new shocks and struts all in good order. I am at a loss.
Goodyear replaced the two front tires to check the issue but no good, now on Wednesday they wish to order two more tires. I feel if it was the tires I would know by now. I was told suspension components look good but I do have squeaks backing from the driveway.

I asked them to look and they say good but my trust is not 100% they truly look. I miss my fun ride.

The OEM springs and struts,
It is just in the front. I purchased new tires and it seems better but on a slow cursing speed I still am not satisfied,

Those mechanic shops always hustling… tell you that you need tires when they didn’t even check… that’s how they milk you for every penny. That’s why I decided to do all work myself now. They don’t care about you or your car. It’s hard to find an honest mechanic. The honest ones are on line like joe, Scotty Kilmer, and Chris fix.

yea it is a Pain in the ass when you cannot trust a mechanic. For some reason honesty has left business and milking customers is stupidly thought of as good business.
Auto shops are one thing but they even in lawnmower repair and small engine repair shop some are dishonest.
When you find an honest good shop spread the word. It’s tempting to keep a good mechanic to yourself but in the long run it will force others into honesty or out of business