Brakediscs front/rear


I have 1995 base model, and have been looking some brake parts for it. I have spent a few hours with an ebay to look a correct brake discs 275mm dia front, and 265 dia rear. Anyone knows what other car, or Mitsubishi model had same brake discs and bads. I also need a repair kits for all brake calibers, both front and rear have 2 piston/ caliber. All rubber parts for them, and maybe a new guiding pins too.



You have the smaller brakes that the GTO’s came with and should be able to find them fairly easy, best place to begin looking is evil empire preformace (rob) he will be able to get you most parts, but they are not always cheap.
I did get a set of brakes discs and pads from auto doc, they are cheap and I think based in germany

I have tried to write to evil empire atleast 5 times and never gotten any answer from them, so I have always considered them questionable :confused:

Your best to give him a call if you can, I know hes been very busy recently, I normally just phone him

Aaah that makes it a whole lot more difficult… Quite sad because I think he has alot of products that I like

Problem solved! Thanks.