Brake Pads '91 GTO


May be being daft but I’m struggling to find or rather struggling to understand if the pads I’m looking at are the right one for my car.

I have a '91 GTO TT, and I’ve been looking for new pads all round majority of listings I’ve been finding say '91-99 which sounds wrong I know after 93 they swapped the calipers and disc sizes.

Can anyone shed some light on the correct pads I need and if anyone has any recommendations (links) would be appreciated

Located - UK


Hi there, just take the old pads to your local motor factor’s place and match them up using the reg or vin.

The one that I bought for my 92TT on Ebay is by EBC part number DP31097C

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Sadly I’ve tried 3 local places with no luck, I believe the pads on the car are aftermarket, no part codes visable anymore and the sizing/shape doesn’t match up against what the local shops are saying.
They also see 1992-1999 or 1992-2000 on their systems so unsure is the pads are the same on the later calipers? Would make sense to what I’m seeing I just thought that wouldn’t be the case

If yours is a gto then use a 3000gt registration as a reference and measure your discs to check. Have you tried import car parts?

Just been told they are all the same size, was just a caliper and disc size change. Hopefully that is correct, just ordered some up hopefully will fit fine.

The Metal backing of the brake pads is the same size for both the pre and post 93 cars and fit either the long or short lug caliper, however on the OE Mitsubishi pads the friction material area is larger on the Post 93 product.

Aftermarket pad suppliers tend to list the same pad as suitable whichever Mitsubishi part number you put in the search box.

Hope this helps

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I was in the garage yesterday and had a quick look at the Brake Pads and thought I would clarify my previous post :

The Pad on the left with the hint of Blue paint is the Post 93 item MR389514

The Pad on the Right is the Pre 93 MR389515

As a matter of interest the backing plate size is similar to other Pads listed as suitable for other vehicles fitted with a Sumitomo 4 Pot Caliper, the OE Nissan R32 GTR front pads have the same size steel backing and the same size friction material as the MR398515, The GTR has a Front Disc size of 297mm so it sort of makes sense.

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Hi, i bought ebc brakes yellow stuff for my 91 gto tt. They work quite well.

This is great thanks, the ones I ordered have arrived, look the same as the ones on the left.

Hopefully have chance to try fitting them soon, go to pick my car up to get it MOT’d tomorrow hopefully passes 2nd time round, brakes were advisories on the first one so will remedy when I get the car back.

Sadly not had the car for over 2 months as it decided it didn’t want to run after having some welding work done at a garage so haven’t been able to double check the ones fitted against the ones I’ve ordered so that photo has certainly helped.