Brake Dust Shields

I don’t mind saying it, That’s a friggin (no bad language) ridiculous price for dust shields,
€119.36 plus €34.67 Shipping ! AND THATS FOR JUST ONE !!
I know some people just don’t bother with them. It’s just that i’m working hard on restoring my entire rear subframe and replacing all worn and unsalvageable parts and would love to put dust shields back on the car. Apologies for my rant …But I am definitely not paying those prices.
Has anyone else sourced any at a better price ?

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Yeah many of those prices are completely bonkers, and it does not make it any better that most of those parts are obsolete and very hard to get hold of

Yeah many of the sites are coming up “discontinued” But I found a source in a Mitsubishi dealers in the states at a reasonable price. It was 3 weeks before they finally said they couldn’t get them and refunded me. I even tried sourcing Salvage yards in California hoping to find a set of rust free second hand ones but came up short on that too. :slightly_frowning_face:

And the worst thing is that those cursed things are made of such crap material that they vanish into air if just a little of northern european climate gets close to them :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

If your rear hand brake section is good you can have them refurbished- I had a spare set and got @madluka to send them to be remade/ powder coated etc… come up a treat.


Nice job mate, unfortunately mine were in such bad condition they crumbled to dust when I started to dissemble the hub. Hard to believe that some firm has not replicated these,
There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot to them.

If the core of the shield is usable they can be salvaged;

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:joy: if you look carefully the second one from the left in your pic looks to be mine!

I bought a new one off Amayama because one was really munted. I like them and would not run my car without them. If rusty just soak them for a week or so in a solution of molasses and water. Around 7 parts water to one of molasses. I put all rusty stuff in there including rusty rotors.

have a look at " Rockauto "
i needed some shocks for my 1991 TT gto . mitsi wanted $1800 NZD each for the back i got 2 unit delivered in 4 days from USA to New Zealand for $460 NZD inc shipping and that was for 2 units .
dont get me wrong some parts you just cant find other that Mitsi . but have a look

Molasses ? Never heard of that one before, If it works it will certainly be a cheaper solution to dissolving rust. I will be trying that, Thanks Angela

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It works. Believe me. I just put a cover on it so the dog cant get to it. About a week for rusty brake rotors then rinse and wipe off crud and whack some brake clean on.

Had a look at Rock Auto, but couldn’t find any for sale. I might have sorted a set of second hand rear ones from a guy, they’re in really bad condition, but the centric circle which bolts on is in reasonable condition. I’m thinking i’ll do what you guys did and have them blasted and replace the outer centric circle with new material. I might also be able to salvage the inner of one of my front covers. It’s a start. Thanks guys

Right so, I’m off to Holland & Barrett this weekend for Molasses ! :grinning:

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