Bracket for lighting behind the rear bumper

Hi there folks.

GTO 1996 or any that will fit

Does anyone have one of these as in the picture going spare please.
As you can see the tin work has have a veritable feast on mine.


I think you will find that the majority of these brackets are in a similar condition, yours is at least still recognisable, the answer is probably a new one (link attached)

Hope that helps

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I just assumed you could not get them new!!

Excellent thanks!!

Damn. I was told that these are no longer available so I just put them into production at great cost.
I guess I had better put the brakes on quickly before I waste more money. HaHa

Well Joe, If you have gone to all the trouble of getting the drawings etc done and found a company capable of producing the number plate light bracket, It would be a crying shame to halt production as I am positive that this part like so many others will only have a limited availability, where as your item will be a repeatable product.

Your dedication to these vehicles is second to none and you are to be congratulated

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The web page says in stock. However at checkout it says ready in 6 days.

We had this when ordering parts for Chelle’s Celica rag top. A few weeks later we would get an email saying it wasn’t available.

Due to this I’m reluctant to order it, I’m already months behind due to waiting for other people to supply parts or complete work.

I had already decided to go down the self fabrication route if no one had any.

Though seeing that link got my hopes up, the ready in 6 days dashed them again.

Brillo have you successfully received one from there recently, out of interest?

FYI Amyama don’t update their website- a while ago I could see the sunroof seal was available- knowing this was an obsolete part I emailed them and they said no longer available. I have seen so many people order parts from them for them to say a week or two later no longer available.

I have not received that part recently from Amyama, however I have had parts in the last 6 months from them and there has always been a delay even though items state in stock and delivery is not that swift but I have had items for my 300ZX Z32 from them that I could not obtain from anyone else and as the 300 and the GTO are not daily drivers the lead time has not been a issue.

That being said it is possible to enquire as to availability from them by Email before confirming the order which I have done on previous occasions.

It may well be that 3KGT is correct and the bracket is not available but I would have thought it would be worth checking with them if you want one

Best Regards