Bonnet Struts Needed

Don’t suppose anybody has a pair of new bonnet struts for a 91. Thought I’d ask on here before u purchase a pair, new the better ideally. Paddy

Did you manage to find any??? I think mine soon need changing so I will have to look around, but where can they be sourced?? I tried contacting Mitsubishi dealer here and that was a no go from him

No mate, found a few used sets but eventually I’d just have the same issue. I’ll get back on it and see if if can source some. Paddy

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I know he has them listed, but he cannot be reached by mail, and only by phone, and I kinda cannot speak english :confused:

How much does tob sell them for @spiros

Out of curiosity. Have you re-sprayed your bonnet? Why are you needing new struts?

Yeah I think mine was, couldn’t tell you if they had removed it or not.

Im presuming you are asking Paddy about that Joe

I asked this because a lot of people re-spray the bonnet /hood and then find that it won’t stay up. They buy new struts but it doesn’t always solve the problem.
The real problem is the the weight of the bonnet and the struts fitted. The struts are perfectly matched to hold the bonnet but if you re-spray without sanding off the old paint, the weight is significantly increased and the struts can’t hold the weight.


Hmmm, I have just resprayed mine and yes, I did not sand it down fully, and they held it up quite good prior to painting, but it felt like it was not super optimal then, and after it struggles to stay open :frowning:
I had no idea that it would be that sensetive :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

£144 for standard weight bonnet I got a pair of these a couple of years ago.

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I bought a custom set from struts depot for my fibre glass bonnet, after my original low tension set failed after 10 years. You select what length you want and end fittings. You then adjust the pressure yourself until it’s right, just over £40 a pair for our cars, works fine for a brand new product.

That looks interesting for brand new ones, but how the heck do you get that bracket to fit that sits onto the chassis of the car?? Did you modify the original one??

You would need to cut the bracket off that end and then tap a thread in, similar to the way the Evil Empire one works.