Bonnet insulation

Looking for a decent underbonnet insulation sheet.Thanks.

Pop down to your local mitsubiishi dealer mate. They are still available from mitsubishi.


Thanks bud I know,was gonna buy brand new next year after year down so just wanted a decent yto finish show season

All sorted
Ordered a new one
Currently in UK stock so here Tuesday
£134 all in
Not many left guys and girls

Thanks Fletch - can you give me details of the dealership, as I need one too - Many thanks

You can go to any mitsubishi dealership. They are held at a warehouse, not a specific dealer shop.

I spoke with Mitsubishi and there are around 2 - 3 left in UK stock. They didn’t know if they would get more.

Thanks for that - do you have a part number I could quote - and does it have the same complex profile shapes as the original and not a simple sheet off material - and did you get the fitting clips as well ?? I’ll order it in the morning.

Just give them the vin number and tell them what you need. Many dealerships will not supply parts by part number in case you give them the wrong number.
It does not come with clips but will be the same shape as original.

Just in case needed
Part number MB632383