Bonnet, Hinges, Bumpers and Brackets

I am breaking a 92 GTO Twin Turbo and Have the bonnet and hinges, along with the front and rear bumpers. I also includes the long bumper bracket that sits on the top of the bumper which is in excellent condition and four front corner brackets that sit in the headlight well. The two front bigger brackets have three sheared of bolts in them but will easily come out with a bit of heat. It also has the front weather strip attached to the inner top. The front bumper however has a long scrape in the front, which again can be repaired as it would need spraying to suit whatever colour car it is going on.
It is on ebay as I though I had already put it on here. But there is a buy now for £130.00 the lot.

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Am interest in these if you still have them

Sorry, went ages ago