Bonnet blister seals

Does anybody know where I might get two of the seals that go around the bonnet blisters over the suspension towers please?


Obsolete part.very difficult to find.

Copy that,
cheers mate

I am sure that there are some company´s out there that could make those seals as they just need to be flexible enough to seat them into the groove that is on the blisters for them to sit properly…

Hi Guys, Is it this gasket that you are looking for ?

If so, they have it here for sale in the US

But before anyone goes jumping in and placing orders, It would be prudent to ask if anyone else out there has ever used this site before. Is this a legitimate site ? Reason I ask, Is that i’m a little suspicious of a site which claims to have all the parts we need when other sites don’t have them.

A simple search shows they are a Mitsubishi dealership in Orland, CA. They are legit.

I am pretty surprised to see that this dealership list that they actually have got some parts of the VR4 exhaust which I have not seen anywhere else just about anywhere on the internet where I have searched and emailed about… Odd :thinking:

These companies even if they have parts do not deliver outside US.

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I purchase from the US using a virtual address. Our postal company “An Post” set this up for the importing from the US and for paying customs from the UK. I have two, one for each.

I put in my virtual address for the An Post hub which is in New Jersey, and then they send me a notification and tracking number when it arrives, then they forward the items to my home address.
Check if your postal company offers something similar, It was actually Joe that informed me of ours when I was buying parts from him.

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I’ve contacted one of these companies only to find that even though they advertise the part they dont have it.

Hey what about making up gaskets from tyre inner tubes? I did that for the rear spoiler.

That is a great idea for flat gaskets like the active aero👍
However the original seal on the blisters, is a “u” section
I sourced some preformed extrusion from here;

I haven’t tried it yet but am hopeful for good results
Thanks for the suggestions :pray:t3: