Big Thank you to Joe and Mitch TCM

I would like to say a big thank you to Joe, and Mitch (The Camera Man) for making such a detailed and step by step videos, specially for the CAM belt change.

This weekend gone, I used Joes videos to help me change my cambelt. It took me 8 hours to do (with one brew break), I did it alone and on the street as i dont have a drive way. Mate was supposed to give me a hand, but due to the lockdown, he wasnt able to lend a hand.

It is a big job, but as long as you are organised, it can be easily achieved. I spent a day studying Joes videos, and have prepared a checklist to accompany his videos. I will add the document to the Manuals and documentations part of this forum.

The total job is broken down to 63 steps. Each part relates to which video that bit is in.

I bought a pack of Zip lock bags from Tesco and numbered each bag with the steps on the check list. everytime i took a part off/ nuts and bolts off, i placed them in their relative bag and placed the bag in a box. Then tick the check list. This way you can keep track of what you have to do, and nothing gets mixed up. This includes dismantling and re-assembling.

As Joe mentions in his video, you need good tools, and this is true, decent quality tools are a must. Most of my tools are Clarke Pro range (Unfortunately i dont have snap on money), that are reasonable price and have lasted me years.

The tools i found out really helped are a set of swivel head ratched Spanners, sizes 10 to 17mm,
and you really need a narrow bodied ratchet to get one of the pulleys off. A decent 1/2" breaker bar I used 900mm, with some nice extensions. A good light source, comes in very handy too, i used a bed clamp reading light, with a swivel head thing, it was great for weird angles.

And Joes Camshaft Pulley tool is a must! i was alone, so no ne to hold it in place, so i zip tied it to suspension parts.

To conclude, its a very doable job, and it is a one man job, if you are organised and DO NOT RUSH.
Car is running great!

Thank you again Joe and Mitch! :sunglasses:


Joe rocks, you did a great job with the organization