Best rim cleaner

I have the 1996 base model non chrome rims. Currently I have brake dust caked on so badly as well as just dirt caked on so badly that I cant seem to get them clean at all. Also the little center cap on the wheel is now yellow and I cant seem to remove the yellow from it. Anyone have any ideas on any good products that I can use to get them looking new again?

Eagle one is what I used to use on my swirly rims on my 93 I had. And then just used a sponge I didn’t care about and scrubbed. Definitely need to let it sit longer than 30 seconds though.

I heard that one uses some sort of acid that may damage the rims? Is that true or have you never had problems with it?

I never had problems with it at all. I also washed it with car wash soap after I got it real clean to make sure all the cleaner was off as well. Also I think they make one without. Though the one with the acid is gonna get em cleaner. Just have to make sure you test in small spot first then decide.

Ill give that a try as well thanks for the suggestion.

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