Best paint restore product

Last summer I went over the entire car with meguiars buffing compound and polish and managed to bring the cars paint back nicely. However the side mirrors, front and rear bumper and side skirts the product did not. The paint on those parts looks like a dull matte red. Where as everywhere else on the car is a nice bright red. Does anyone know of a way to restore the color to those pieces or is my only choice to have them re painted?

I have found turtle wax colour magic to be a good result then a waxing with meguirs 2.0. Could be because bumpers and mirrors are plastic, could they have been repainted at some point?

The car has never been repainted. Its the 1996 base model. I managed to restore the paint everywhere else on the car so right now the fiberglass parts (at least i think its fiberglass) those parts really stand out in a bad way.

Yeah plastic or fiberglass are always gonna go first plus they are more difficult to renovate. Could be a fresh paint job.

When older red colours fade, then there is usually no long lasting way back… You can buff them up to a shine, but it will only last a short time and then they go all dull again :neutral_face:

My paint was somewhat good so I clayed it and tried several products. I used Car Guys and it looked great but I knew it was temporary compared to NexGen. It looks great and is supposed to be a good silicone based ceramic coating. I think I may go ahead and get a full ceramic liquid, a bit pricey but I’ve seen how great it looks. Does anyone have suggestions?

This is actually exactly what happened. I managed to bring the shine back but it went dull again very shortly after.

Ive read online something about using a heat gun on on bumper parts to bring the color back? Im not sure if that works at all.

I’ve seen that done on unpainted black plastics with good results, I’m not sure whether it would work on a painted surface though.

Probably best asking a detailer or body shop, someone who has a lot of experience dealing with this kind of stuff. Do detailing forums exist? Best of luck anyway!