Best options for lowering

I just bought the 1994 3000GT SL, and I’m wanting to lower it a couple inches, nothing crazy. What would be the best way to go about this? I’m thinking maybe just getting lowering springs, but it needs new front struts as well so maybe just go all out and get coilovers. Also, I’m wondering if anyone else has had issues with the electronic suspension control and lowering, and if it causes problems/codes with the system.

I’m new to the JDM and modding community so any advice and help I can get is much appreciated! Thanks:)

If you want a few inches you’ll want to just go to coilovers. With lowering springs it will eventually blow the struts, and for the most part the ECS struts are non-existent anyway. You could still get non-ECS struts with lowering springs, but again, you’ll blow them out.

My opinion, just get the coilovers. By the time you buy new struts, strut mounts, etc, and buy the springs you are almost near identical in cost to 4 new coilovers. I personally have the Megan Racing coilovers. They are what they now call the “Street Series.” I’ve actually had my set since around 2007. I love them.

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Ok thank you! I was leaning towards coilovers anyway but wanted to see if there was another option maybe better suited for the ESC (which as of now I’m not even sure if it works, we’re busy replacing the clutch) But since that technology for that particular car is pretty neat and “ahead of its time”, it would be cool to keep it in working condition, but obviously not needed.

When I was 16 I used coil clamps cost about 20 bucks, recently I invested in adjustable coil overs. I got the cheap ones off ebay, Maxpeedingrods but the good ones odd 3sx im sure are better