Best carpet cleaner product

On the 3000gt wiki page it says to use dry slurry and to never shampoo the carpets in these cars. Has anyone used this before? Does anyone know of any good carpet cleaning products? I plan on using one of those bissell hot water extraction things to clean my carpet as well as the fabric seats.

That is just one person’s post, that doesn’t mean it should be taken as gospel. I’ve never heard of anyone having an issue using regular stuff.

Even detailing companies like Adams and Chemical guys sell “wet” carpet cleaner.

Well basically it says when you use shampoo to clean these carpets that all it does is attract more dirt and they get dirtier much quicker. Just curious what others use to clean their carpets.

That’s only a problem if you don’t get the all the shampoo back out. Simply cleaning it with shampoo doesn’t make it attract dirt or get dirtier quicker.

I used a good steamcleaner to clean mine out when I had my interior apart… Worked perhaps too good cuz it looked like it never had been cleaned from all the much that came out of it :see_no_evil: