Bee R rev limiter

Hello, has anyone ran a rev limiter with the GTO before. I have 1992 GTO automatic. I have spliced the wires based on the diagram provided by Bee R. The red light is constantly on and it does not seem to work. I have tried different combination of wires for many hours

Red wire - power
Black- ground
Green - crank angle sensor (ecu pinout 69)
Yellow - igniter unit (ecu pinout 101)

Any help would be appreciated. Yes im trying to get my GTO to pop and bang :sweat_smile:. Please help

My personal advice is don’t do it. You risk damage to the cat and other components. If you want snap, crackle and pop, buy some rice krispies. :joy:


:joy::joy: thats a fair point. Im still going to try to get this working only for a short time. Hopefully i wont cause too much damage. Always wanted these pops and bangs but i dont know if it would be safer to buy an G4X ECU and try to get it mapped to do so.

I agree with Joe here any that I have seen with the electrics modified resulted in running issues.

Since you are wanting to try and get the desired result anyway then personally I would go with the ECU then. This way you still have all of the wiring how it should be in case of any issues (Assuming it plugs in on the original plugs/ with an adaptor).

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